Jim Morrison Scholarship
Youth Annual Meeting & Convention Scholarship
Judges TC Award Stipend from the Harvey Considine Memorial Fund
Helen Staver Foundation


Jim Morrison Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial assistance to eligible ADGA Youth who are enrolled in an accredited university or college.  Only one Jim Morrison Scholarship will be awarded per90iop individual per year.  Back to Top of Page

Youth Convention Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial assistance to eligible ADGA youth to attend the Youth Program at the American Dairy Goat Association Annual Meeting and Convention. Back to Top of Page

Judges TC Award Stipend from the Harvey Considine Memorial Fund

When Harvey Considine died in April of 2005, many ADGA members across the United States generously contributed to a memorial fund created through the ADGA office at the request of the Considine family. One of the ADGA programs that Harvey most heartily endorsed was the official judges training system; he constantly mentored interested persons. Recognizing that the financial cost of attending is often prohibitive, the Harvey Considine Memorial Fund offers worthy new, young applicants, as well as first time renewing candidates, a stipend in the amount of a candidate registration fee for any given event. Three such stipends have already been granted in recent years. Funds are held in a special account and controlled by the ADGA Association Manager. Contributions to the fund are welcomed. Decisions to disperse funds are made by a three member board of trustees, currently all from the Considine family. Applying is simple: 1) Submit an essay of no more than one thousand words detailing experience with dairy goats and personal reasons for wishing to become an ADGA licensed judge. 2) Contact no more than three persons to submit letters of reference about the person applying. Such persons could be ADGA judges, directors, or reputable breeders, youth project leaders and/or vocational agriculture instructors. 3) Send all information in one envelope clearly labeled Application for Harvey Considine Memorial Fund Stipend to Shirley McKenzie, Association Manager, c/o ADGA, PO Box 865, Spindale, NC 28160. Internet application may also be emailed to with appropriate attachments. Deadline for applications will be April 30. Successful applicants will be notified by May 31. The amount of a candidate registration will be credited to his/her account at the ADGA office. Only one such stipend may be granted to any one person. Back to Top of Page

Helen Staver Foundation – History and Purpose

The Foundation is named after Helen Staver who was a founding member of the Southern Vermont Dairy Goat in 1945.  Helen was an enthusiastic dairy goat breeder raising a herd of Nubians in Marlboro, Vermont.  She, along with co-founder Harlen Covey, helped establish the Southern Vermont Dairy Goat Association as an educational organization dedicated to promoting the dairy goat. The association was incorporated in 1951 with that specific educational purpose.  Therefore, it is truly fitting that ADGA’s primary educational foundation be named after an individual who highly valued both education and dairy goats. The ADGA/Staver Foundation is established under the IRS code 501(c)3 as a charitable foundation.  The purpose is to assist in the advancement of education, educational materials, and research by providing scholarships and other support to individuals and programs. The need for economic assistance by under-graduate and graduate students for education is great, and the Foundation will provide a level of support.  However, the Foundation is much more than just an organization to offer traditional scholarships.  It will work as the charitable arm of ADGA to support dairy goat educational activities and programs that provide educational opportunities and materials.  For example: the Foundation will assist youth through financial support to attend the annual meeting and/or provide funding to assist an individual to attend a judges training conference.  In addition, there is a need for the development and publication of educational materials to benefit the entire dairy goat industry.  However, many times teachers and professors who desire to publish and distribute educational materials do not have the funds to accomplish this task.  The Foundation can provide some support to accomplish this goal.  Back to Top of Page